Monday, December 3, 2012

December App Trailers Hack!!!!

Sorry guys i haven't updated the hack in a little while...

iv'e been a bit busy and never got around to it. i have finally got around to updating it and i think its the best it has ever been. So here you go the new %100 working December App Trailers hack!! At the moment it is completely undetected, so have fun hacking.

Download link:



mirror 1:

mirror 2:


Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hack

I figured out a new WORKING app trailers hack.
This has been working since August 9, 2012.
Hurry up and use the link to the hack below before they patch it.

How to use it.

1) Open link.
2)Download file.
3)Open the file.
4)Type your App Trailers name in text box.
5)Click "Give 1000 Points"

Wait 5 minutes until it will give you your points.

DON'T OVER USE IT! As if it is caught they will patch it.

Here is the link to the hack:

Click Here To Download File.

Have Fun!